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Ronald W. Lightcap, Artist

“So many times the most beautiful things to be seen are right before
our eyes.  However, these potential masterpieces, these places and
things in ordinary life, often go overlooked.  Whether it be the beauty
of nature seen in a cypress swamp in the autumn, the strength of
horses galloping through the desert, or mans best friend and his
buddy fishing together.  Such grace and beauty in all forms deserves
recognition.  Capturing these moments in time is a challenge for any
artist.  As an artist, I enjoy the thrill of portraying these moments on
canvas.  As you enjoy this exhibit and  visit my online gallery, I hope
you will find, as I have that beauty takes many forms ."
I  was in born Wilmington, Delaware and attended Wilmington public schools.  As a child, I developed an interest in art and attended
the Delaware Art Museum’s  Children’s Program on Saturday mornings.  Many wonderful artists in the Wilmington area would
volunteer their time and share their talents.  
After completing my formal education, I graduated from the Famous Artists School of Commercial Art and Illustration, Westport,
Connecticut in 1960.  However, I put down the ‘brush’ and pursued a career in banking in the metropolitan Philadelphia area, where
I  remained for 37 years.  Taking early retirement from the corporate world, and from the United States Army, retiring as a Colonel,  
my wife, Ruthann, and I moved to Long Neck, Delaware in 2000. There, I picked up the ‘brush’ once again, returning to my
childhood hobby.   After receiving a positive critique of some of my initial work from a local artist, I began to enthusiastically
pursue this “abandoned” hobby again. Presently, much of my work on canvas is from life’s early memories and local areas of
interest in Wilmington and Sussex County.  I am Past President  of the Millsboro Art League, Millsboro, a member of the Milton
Arts Guild, Milton,  the Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth Beach and St. Michaels Art League, St. Michaels, Maryland.  My work may
be seen on display at the Millsboro Art League, the Rehoboth Art League and local area businesses.
For additional information regarding commissioned work and the availability of prints please contact me .

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